Heather’s performance coaching is designed for these areas:

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Sports
  • Acting
  • Public Speaking
  • Competition/Audition Preparation
  • Test Taking (all subjects)
  • Academic Achievement
  • Professional Success (performing arts, business and other professions)
  • Stress Management (professional and/or personal)
  • Time Management
  • Career Planning

Heather’s performance coaching addresses these and other issues:

  • Performers who want to conquer performance anxiety
  • Performers who want to overcome cold hands, sweaty hands, shaky fingers, shaky legs, racing heartbeat, dry mouth, or other distracting symptoms during performance
  • Performers who may not suffer from performance anxiety, but who want to enhance and improve their performances
  • Strategies to achieve peak performance in high pressured situations such as competitions, auditions, tests, and interviews
  • Memorization strategies
  • Effective practicing strategies
  • Performers and non-performers who are seeking general stress management
  • Professionals in high pressured jobs who want to master the overwhelming stress
  • Professionals or performers who seek assistance regarding goal setting, career planning, or personal fulfillment

Confidential ONE-ON-ONE COACHING is available by phone or webcam throughout North America, and in person in Los Angeles. Please email for further information.
Email: heatherschmidt12@gmail.com

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Comments from Heather about performance coaching:

“People often ask me why I want to offer performance coaching when I am already busy as a fulltime musician. The main reason is that I feel I can make a difference – in sharing my knowledge and experiences with others, I can help them to attain their personal best in whatever they do. Over the years, I have discovered that there is a great need and interest in this type of coaching. There are successful individuals in many disciplines and professions who want to enhance their performance further, overcome performance anxiety, or reduce daily stress at work or at home. The tools and techniques I have developed in the course of my own career and teaching can be translated into various performance disciplines and many different professions. I limit the number of clients I work with at any given time so that I can give them my full attention while balancing my own musical and professional activities” — Heather Schmidt

Please note that performance coaching is not intended to treat or diagnose medical or physical or psychological illness or conditions. Please consult a licensed doctor, psychologist, or other medical professional if you have any conditions or concerns that require treatment or consultation.